ESAB Cutmaster 40 Plasma cutter is part of the TRUE series which has been designed with the idea that recommended cut capacity should also be the true cut capacity. This series eliminates the concept for a larger machine than needed. This offer excellent performance for cutting stainless steel.

The Cutmaster 40 is a perfect combination of end-user insight, advanced technology and intelligent design. Packed with power and offering the highest power-to-weight ratio in its class, the Cutmaster 40 with SL60 1Torch is one of the most affordable, highest quality 110v/230v 12mm (1/2”) plasma systems on the market. You can rely on the Cutmaster 40 to cut all day at its recommended cutting capacity and to pack more punch when you need it.


The True series includes leading-edge features including colour-coded LEDs, Auto Pilot Restart and Quick connection as well as easy transportation with True Guard Roll bar that protects the power supply for unmatched durability of plasma cutter welding equipment. 


Packages include;

  • Carry Bag
  • Power Supply
  • Work Lead
  • Ground Clamp
  • 6.1m Sl60 Torch
  • Operating Manual



  • Built for portability and durability with the integral multi-handle design
  • 35% Duty Cycle depending on the application. Automatic voltage input detection from 200-240V 
  • Industrial SL60 1Torch with ATC® (Advanced Torch Connector)
  • Up to 12 mm recommended pierce and cut capacity with up to 16 mm maximum sever
  • Cutmaster Black Series electrodes included for up to 60% longer life of consumable parts



  • Automotive Bodies
  • General Manufacturing
  • HVAC
  • Industrial and General Fabrication
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Training Schoo

Cutmaster 40 Plasma Package

SKU: TR29-0559142460