Type DKG-W for in-hose or torch side connection The quick-action coupling DKG-W according to EN561, ISO 7289:

• safe interruption of gas flow by automatic gas cut-off when disconnecting

• no mixing up by different coding of coupling pins

• prevents accidental disconnection

• all metal components in brass 2.0401 / spring 1.4310 Safety elements of the IBEDA quick-action coupling DKG-W:

• SV Shut-off valve Function:

• Pull-System Coupling: pull the rippled sleeve back and connect it with the coupling pin by pressing both parts together until they are locked . Uncoupling: hold the rippled sleeve and remove the coupling pin from the coupling body.



Couplings are wearing parts and have to be tested by a qualified and authorised person (at least once a year). The tests have to be performed when the couplings are connected as well as disconnected. Leakage tests are to be performed with inert gas or air (free from oil and grease) or the operating gas.

DKG-W Coupling