Aquasol Fiback Fibreglass backing tape is a heat resistant aluminium tape with a woven fibreglass centre strip, designed to eliminate or reduce the need for back purging and post-weld grinding.

Available in 200 AMP and 600 AMP formats.



Suitable for stainless, carbon, duplex and chrome steels as well as other metals. Woven fiberglass and malleable aluminium tape easily conform to a number of complex shapes and uneven surfaces. A supportive weld pool is created by forming the tape into a convex shape resulting in an oxygen-free weld bead. Consistent in thickness, Fiback creates a continuous bead, ideal for lengthy applications.

High Quality & Safe Components
Halogen and chlorofluorocarbon free, creating a safe work environment. Fibreglass formulation is also free of mercury, antimony, fluoride, bromide, phosphorous, sulphur and lead. Virgin aluminium foil coated with free acrylic base adhesive. Tightly and finely woven, unadulterated fiberglass

Compatibility & Process Applications

Suitable for SMAW (stick), TIG and MIG welding processes.Ideal for welding sheet-to-sheet, plate-to-plate, pressure vessels, large diameter pipes and tanks, longitudinal and circumferential seams and anywhere that a back purging is not possible or very costly with gas.


Increases Efficiency & Savings

Eliminates the need for back purging, increasing weld productivity and reducing labour costs. Saves gas as well as downtime, allowing the user to bypass filling large structures; such as pressure vessels and bore pipes; with argon. Significantly reduces post-weld cleanup time by eliminating gouging & grinding. Perfectly compatible with orbital welding machines.


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Fiback Fibreglass Backing Tape

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