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The start of a Ceramic CEVOLUTION

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Are you dealing with hard metal removal tasks? Using abrasive mop discs (also known as flap discs) could help your welding applications.

What is a Mop Disc?

If you’ve dealt with challenging stock removal tasks, you will have used this type of product more than once.

These discs deliver an abrasive performance that is several times higher than that of other tools. Thanks to the fan-shaped radial arrangement of its abrasive cloth flaps.

These cloth flaps have a coating of zirconia alumina, ceramic, or aluminium oxide. The backing plates, which consist of fibre-reinforced plastic or glass cloth, are evenly spaced. The arrangement of the flaps provides for consistently high abrasive performance and works with minimum vibrations.

Ceramic CEVOLUTION Mop Discs

Klingspor has launched 4 new ceramic abrasive mop discs armed with CEVOLUTION technology. From a perfect blend of grain types and resin formulation to offer maximum performance in every application. Klingspor flap discs with CEVOLUTION technology are more powerful compared to other ceramic abrasives. In most applications, the new products offer more aggressiveness in removing material and extended service life.

Part of the new Cevolution range, the durable one SMT 975 special. This flat disc impresses

Klingspor SMT 975 Ceramic cevolution mop disc

with several properties; including the innovative ceramic abrasive grain. CEVOLUTION technology and trimmable backing plate ensure unprecedented durability.

The SMT 975 can offer long service life as well as extreme aggressiveness. You can easily trim down this plastic disc to ensure you can use the unused abrasive in the inner area of the disc. As well as an M14 thread enables efficient tool changing without the use of a clamping key giving you easy and fast changes.

Klingspor SMT976 Ceramic cevolution mop discs

As part of the new range, Klingspor has designed and optimised these discs for use on stainless steel. This disc has a special coating as well as self-sharpening effects.

These features make it useful for grinding tough materials. Additionally, it lasts longer than the previous version.

The extra coating reduces heat during grinding, preventing clogging when used on metals and aluminium that are not iron-based.

Klingspor SMT 674 Ceramic Cevoltion Mop discs / flap dsics

Klingspor launched their first ceramic abrasive grit in the Supra line giving you a price-

performance ratio. The abrasives that are within the Supra range bring you reliability and high-performance products. They impress above all with their excellent price-performance ratio.

The SMT 674 has universal applications in metalworking and serves as a versatile tool.

The Solid One - SMT 974 SPECIAL

Klingspor SMT 975 Ceramic Cevolution Mop disc / Flat Discs

Newly developed abrasive for demanding grinding tasks in the steel sector. An optimal tool for edge and weld seam finishing that's highly economical on powerful angle grinders. Including the SMT 974 new CEVOLUTION technology.

CEVOLUTION technology is optimized holistically. Depending on the area of application, the individual components that make up the abrasive. The ceramic grit is modified and tested many times until the best performance is achieved.

Choosing the Klingspor Cevolution mop discs range will bring you long service life and extreme aggressiveness. To get your applications done without going through masses of abrasive discs. Not to mention optimised performance, extraordinary stability and tried and tested safety. Available in a range of grit size.

Want to know more? Our team at Truflame are so excited about this range of abrasive discs, for technical information get in touch.

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