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Everything you need to know about Universal Welding Helmets

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

There’s a new kid on the block and they are ready to help you with the power to breathe. We’ve recently started working with Universal, who specialises in welding PPE. With a range of excellent welding helmets and PAPR solutions to ensure their customers can focus on what’s important to them, getting the job done. Universal has produced a range to keep you protected from head to toe, with the headgear and accessories you need to work safely.

At Truflame, we had these guys in, under the lights of interrogation to test their welding helmets and understand what makes these stand out. Our team had an inspection of these welding helmets to find what will work best for their individual customers and loved them. Specifically, the Quantum and TP series stood out for us as quality equipment that will work perfectly for your needs.

Quantum Welding Helmet:

The combined welding and grinding solution of this welding helmet when combined with air PAPR offer heavy duty protection from welding and grinding dust. This helmet has a large viewing and grinding visor window that allows the welder to remain fully protected without exposure to the face, whilst also giving an excellent field of view.

Welding Helmet Key Features:

  • High impact shell design EN175 B & ANSI Z87 + impact test.

  • True colour ADF technology.

  • Side windows (shade 5) enhance surrounding vision.

  • Ergonomic multiple adjustable headgear, with rear pivot pad and upright lock position.

  • 107x75mm view 1/1/1/1 – 5-13 ADF – Best optical class.

  • Clear interface design – x 3 mode options grind, cutting and weld.

  • Easy operation – Soft touch select buttons for function/ mode adjustment on ADF.

PAPR Key Features:

The complete package includes:

TP Series Grinding/Welding Helmet:

Universal has launched TP series, the Total Protection series of helmets that provide the ultimate protection for respiratory, face, eye, head, and ears. With a clear flip front that offers a wide field of view allowing extended use in a wide range of applications. This ensures you are fully protected while being comfortable throughout your entire working day. This series has a range of specialist features including built-in Air direction adjustment that allows for adjustment of airflow inside the breathing zone for maximum comfort. An extra wide clear view, this large viewing and grinding area with no distortion and the highest optical class. With anti-fog/anti-scratch lens available.

This series includes TP Series 100 which has respiratory bump cap face shields and Series 200 respiratory hard hat face shields. They are perfect for a range of applications including MIG, MMA, TIG, PWA, Grinding and Flux-cored. Living up to its name of total protection welding helmet to ensure you have the safety to get your jobs completed.

Welding Helmet Key Features:

  • Built-in air direction adjustment

  • Extra Wide clear view – Large viewing/grinding area

  • Outer Visor Lens – UV/IR – 5 | UV/IR-8 | UV/IR-10

  • Inner Visor Lens – UV/IR -2 | UV/IR-3 | UV/IR-5

  • Integrated Protection – Offering total integrated protection in respiratory.

  • Noise Reduction Earmuffs – Ideal for protecting against moderate industrial noise.

  • Comfort Face Seal Design – Waterproof and flame-resistant fabric offers the highest protection levels.

PAPR Key Features:

These welding helmets are available to see by your sales rep who is passionate about trying to find you the right equipment for your needs and working to find the best protection, comfort, and safety for your applications.

At Truflame we pride ourselves in promoting quality with knowledge and have an arsenal of equipment that reflect this. Bringing Universal into Truflame House has expanded our range of PPE with our newly built and stocked PPE room with a full range of safety equipment including PAPR, Helmets, safety boots and workwear.

Give us a call to talk to our specialist in PPE and find the right safety equipment for your needs.

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