Celebrate National Welding Month

Updated: May 24, 2021

This month it’s #NationalWeldingMonth and we want to reflect on an industry that has had a huge impact on our daily life. Welding has helped the econemy to boom and welding will continue to grow as new technologies arise.

Welders contribute to the manufactoring of many components that make up almost every industry:

  • Aerospace engineering

  • Train and rail carriages

  • Vechicle industry and auto suppliers

  • Electricals and electronics

  • Domestic hardware

  • Radiators and containers

  • Medical instruments and supplies

  • Nuclear equipment

  • Food and beverage industry

  • Other miscellaneous metal processing industries

Welding creates a variety of important products that we often may not realise for example mobile phones, pacemakers and oil rigs.

The American Welding Societyfirst established #NationalWeldingMonth in 1996 to recognise the industry and tadespeople who endevour to keep the world together one weld at a time.

Here at Truflame we want to celebrate welders and how they got in to the industry. This month we want to hear from you, get in touch and share you welding story with us on any of our social media.

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