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A guide to fibre discs

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

A fibre disc as we know it is also called a Vulcanised Fibre disc. Vulcanised fibre is a composite material, made of cellulose. This name refers to the vulcanisation of natural rubber to form harder rubber. Great mechanical strength and stability at a low weight.

Many people use Fibre discs as a finishing pad but they are so much more than that. These discs are exceptionally suited for rough grinding work, rust removal, deburring and working on welded seams. With high material removal rates and service life, producing an optimal finish what more are you looking for?

Klingspor Fibre Discs FS966

What are fibre discs?

Fibre discs are round grinding wheels with a backing made of vulcanised fibre. This is coated on one side with resin and abrasive grain. Fitted to suitable backing pads used on angle grinders.

Fibre discs can be used for

  • Finish grinding surfaces

  • Rough machining

  • Machining metal

Why are we using them?

Vulcanised fibre discs are used for various general-purpose applications, but why?

  • A fine & uniform scratch pattern

  • Excellent adaptability

  • The elasticity of the backing

  • Many users prefer them to traditional grinding wheels as there is much less vibration in use and the coarser grits can rapidly remove material

  • Most importantly more affordable.

Klingspor fibre discs FS964

What to use?

One of our most popular discs is the Klingspor abrasive, providing leading-edge grinding equipment by introducing countless innovations! (Stock depending)

FS966 fibre discs green ceramic aluminium oxide. - Klingspor FS966 have a micro-crystalline

Klingspor FS966 Green fibre discs

self-sharpening effect.

  • High aggressiveness

  • Long Service Life

  • Multi-band prevents heat tinting

  • High removal rate

Suitable for:

  • Heavy Duty application

  • Rough grinding and sanding

  • De-rusting metal parts

  • Deburring and grinding welded seams

  • Precision finishing work.

FS964 Fibre Discs red Ceramic aluminium oxide, a premium product with excellent

Klinspor FS965 Fibre Discs

performance for working on steel.

  • Aggressive ceramic grains

  • Advanced coating technology (ACT)

  • Extraordinary grain adhesion

  • Extended service life

Suitable for:

  • Steel

  • Stainless Steel

  • NF Metals

Abrasive fibre discs made by Klingspor have been tested according to the guidelines of the oSa directives and are guaranteed to comply with European safety standard EN 12413. For safe use and optimum sanding results in the long term, storing the fibre discs correctly is absolutely critical.

Need a little help or guidance with abrasive products, give us a call for some expert knowledge.

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