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8 tools you can't live without while welding!

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Starting out in welding? As a welding professional, you’ll have an arsenal of tools in touching distances every single day. Power your welding into solid excellence and ensure protection for you and your team. We’ve dug down to find the top 8 tools you can’t live without, to arm you with the best equipment to get started.

Everyone knows you need one but what do we look for when looking to find the right welder for your needs? Think about your application. What material was used & thickness? Welding position? Once this has been determined we can help you with finding what welder would work best for you. Including helping to understand the wire thickness. We’ve gone into more detail about what to consider when choosing a TIG welder!

Keeping yourself and your team safe is incredibly important. Welding is a dangerous industry, with burns, fires, shocks and fume to contend with daily. Using leather welding gloves/gauntlets, jackets, trousers, spats and safety boots to help keep you protected throughout your application. As well as investing in respiratory protection such as a welding helmet with PAPR.

Fume extraction is an essential tool to keep armed with for our industry. Keep protected from hazardous particulates, gases and fumes along with other contaminants. Not only is it an important factor for you but the HSE is locking down on their enforcement expectation for welding fume to ensure all exposure to welding fumes released is controlled. Using equipment such as mobile extraction units, stationary extraction systems and general ventilation systems for your welding applications is an important factor, we work with Kemper who has produced Vacufil that’s perfect for welders! See our thoughts!

We’ve covered PPE I know and this certainly falls in that bracket. The welding helmet/ hood should be one of the top priorities when purchasing your welding equipment. Keeping your eyes protected and can also prepare for air that allows additional respiratory protection while welding is something you cannot do without. There are various options available including auto-darkening, flip, grinding and PAPR versions. Why is PAPR so important? We’ve got you covered!

The secret tool every welder will no doubt use, whether for prepping or to smooth out those finishing welds. Angle grinders will be used to remove rust, paint or dirt from the workpiece pre-weld and remove any slag build-up after completion.

You seriously can’t live without this little tool. Welders use this to securely hold their workpiece to ensure you produce a solid/tight joint. Without this, you can risk welding defaults with movement.

Do you have your welding must-have to hand?

A little spark of what you’ll need on your workbench as a welder! We wanted to explore the must-haves when starting out in welding and get you ready for your first project.

At Truflame we want to provide quality with knowledge and will work with you to ensure you get the right products for your applications. Working with a range of major suppliers of welding equipment and consumables around the world to provide the most reliable equipment in the industry.

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